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Youth Soccer

Youth Soccer Ages 3-10

Season starts:

March 18th- May 18th

Registration ends:

February 24th

Player/ Team Eligibility

- All teams must be registered and confirmed with BGS prior to being placed on schedule. Players are not considered to be registered participants until they have completed the BGS waiver and paid their individual player fees. Fees can be paid online by Venmo, by cash, check or in person on game night. Once a team/player plays a game they are considered registered with BGS and will not receive a refund.

Player registration shall include authentic verification of date and place of birth, parents must provide BGS a copy of the players state birth certificate to be kept on file. Hospital baptism and religious birth certificates may be accepted at the discretion of the registrar, acceptable alternatives are copies of the players passport, military dependent ID (front and back), state driver’s license, birth registration or certificate of an American citizen born abroad issued by an appropriate government agency, Board of Health record, alien registration card issued by the United States government or certificate of naturalization issued by immigration and naturalization service, copies of foreign passports and birth certificates are acceptable if accompanied by a certified copy.

- Unless waived payment for player registration fees must accompany registration forms. Fees cover the cost of uniforms fields and referee fees.

- A player is assigned to a BGS recreation team until the end of the BGS recreation season.

- BGS registration is required each year for all purposes. Persons who coach, assist or participate in practices on a frequent or reoccurring basis or who are in the technical areas during games.

- BGS registration is required each year for each person to coach assist or participate in practices on a frequent or recurring basis and who our technical area games.

- A person must be at least 18 years of age prior to the first scheduled practice to be a head coach a person younger than 18 may be a Co head coach if his or her parent or another adult registers to be the other Co coach at least one coach at all practices and at least one coach in the technical area during any game must be at least 18 years of old.

- The maximum number of coaches per team will be 3 for U4 through U13 and 2 for U16 BGS will provide official coaches shirts.

- BGS reserves the right to accept or reject a coach's application with or without cause all BGS coaches, team coordinators are are those who assist and are participate in practices on a frequent or recurring basis must have a completed volunteer application for the current year on file with BGS this includes those individuals who volunteer to be a team parent.

Player's Roster Eligibility

- Players can only be rostered on 1 team.

- Teams will be decided by birth dates as of January 1st of the current year.
- All players must be registered and play a minimum of 3 games in order to be eligible for the tournament. (Last game of season)
- All players must be at least 17 years old to play.
- Once a player has signed up played 1 game, they are considered rostered and cannot play for another team (unless it is as a nomad).

Makeup of Teams

- Teams will be balanced as much as possible the foremost criteria are equitable distribution of experienced players based on years played, plus school and travel team participation if known, next each team will have an equivalent share of players of age each team should have should also contain equal numbers of players with above average and below average soccer skills unknown players will be assumed to be average in skills with experience and age used as their determination and assignments to teams.

- U10 through U13 parents will be asked to rate their children either as a beginner, intermediate or advanced during the coaches meeting we will have the coaches conduct a player's draft making sure that the teams are balanced the two assistant coaches, and the sponsored children will not be draft and are automatically placed on the team, a snake draft will take place during the coaches meeting.

- A player may play up in a higher age division only if its the child's best interest as determined by BGS program coordinator space must be available in the higher group and the players parent must write a letter to the BGS for the special request a player may not play more than one age group up.
- A player may not play down in a younger age group unless the player has a verified disability or developmental problem justifying such placement at the time of registration the parent must submit a written request plus a signed document from a doctor attesting their child's needs would best be served and being in a younger age group the request will need the BGS program coordinators approval a player
may not play down more than one age group.

Team Assignment

- Players will be assigned to achieve the best possible balance among teams placements will be done first by gender then by age. BGS reserves the right to adjust rosters at any time due to declining coaches practice date and time conflicts, transportation conflicts or anything pertaining to unforeseen matters that could hinder a child from participating in the league.
- Assignment of players to teams will be done by BGS program coordinator except for approved special request in accordance with article two-part four and five. The assigning of players to teams is done randomly. Coaches will not be allowed to select or request team members other than their own children.
- Siblings in the same age group will be assigned to the same team.
- BGS will honor a special request signed by a parent not to have a specific coach.

- BGS will accept only one pairing request sponsor and head coach our head coach and assistant per team if the requesters will have children on the team.

Player Participation

- 50% rule
- All players shall be provided the opportunity to participate in at least 50% of every game or as closely as possible except for reasons of injury, illness, absence, discipline or lack of required equipment. Shin guards! Any player arriving after the start of the game must be allowed to play not less than 1/2 of the game or the remainder of the game if less than 1/2 remains.
- Should a coach feel that it is in the best interest of the player to discipline a player by denying participation in the game the coach must submit a written request to the BGS program coordinator describing the reasons for such action and how this will benefit the player a coach must receive written approval from D BGS program coordinator to implement it.
- You ain't new 10 coaches were required to change goalkeepers so that no one player plays more than 50% of the game as goalkeeper.

Players may be removed from participation in BGS soccer for conduct that is disruptive to the team
during practices or games, for missing more than 50% of practices without calls, for being uncooperative
with their coaches and BGS participants.

Player Removal

- Players may be removed from participation in BGS soccer for conduct that is disruptive to the team during practices or games, for missing more than 50% of practices without calls, for being uncooperative with their coaches and BGS participants.
- The coach must submit a written recommendation for players removal to the BGS program coordinator
who will have to who will have the final say.

- Length and number of practices per week U4 U6 and U8 will have one practice and one game per week, U10 could possibly have two practices and one game per week.

Game Cancellation & Rescheduling

- Games cancelled by BGS or by the referee due to inclement weather or other reasons will be rescheduled at the earliest date possible. Teams will be notified of the new game dates and times.

- Games determined by the referee after the first half is complete are considered final.


Rule 1- Standing rules of play
Part 1
Except where modified the rules of play shall be BGS rules and FIFA laws of the game
Part 2
Appendices 1 through 5 provide modification. Modified rules for U4 U6 U8 U10.
Part 3
The referee will verify the players and coaches’ identities using the rosters provided by BGS and check the players equipment before the game. A player who arrives after the pregame procedure may only enter the game after first reporting to the referee to be verified against the roster and having his or her equipment checked.
Part 4
Guaranteed for U13 if a goalkeeper intentionally lies on the ball longer than is necessary the goalkeeper shall be cautioned for un-sportsmanship behavior, however for U8, U10 the referee will still explain the infraction and if necessary, has the latitude to ask the coach to remove the offending player this rule does not apply to U4, U6.
B. For U13and indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team when the goalkeeper from the moment he or she takes control of the ball with his or her hands takes more than six seconds while holding bouncing or throwing the ball in the air and catching it again without releasing it into the playing field this rule does not apply to U4, U6, U8 and U10.
C. For U13 and indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the goal when the goalkeeper having released the ball into play touches the ball again with his or her hands before it has been touched by and played by a player of the opposing team either inside or outside of the penalty area or by another player of the goalkeeper's team outside of the penalty area except as noted in paragraph. See below this rule does not apply to you U4, U6, U8 and U10.
D. For U13 on any occasion when a player deliberately kicks the ball or throws the ball or a throw in to his own goalkeeper the goalkeeper is not permitted to touch it with his his or her hands if the goalkeeper does touch the ball with his or her hands he or she shall be penalized by the award of an indirect free kick to be taken by the opposing team this rule does not apply to U4, U6, U8 or U10.
E. When a goalkeeper has possession of the ball with his or her hands in the goal area U10 and U13 are penalty area U10 and U13 opponents may not in any manner charge into it interfere with or impede the goalkeeper having control of the ball with one hand including pinning the ball against the ground or goal constitutes possession of the ball opponents charging a keeper may at the referees discretion be cautioned or sent off the rule does not apply to U4, U6, U8. U4, U6, U8, U10 and U13 an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team when a player charges a goalkeeper in the goal area U10 and U13 or a penalty area of U10 and U13 whether or not the ball is in goalkeeper's possession the rule does not apply to U4, U6 or U8.

G. For U13 charging the goalkeeper and the goal area when the ball is in the goalkeepers possession or attempting to kick a ball while in the goalkeeper's possession must be punished by a caution or ejection. The choice to be subject to the referee’s judgment this rule does not apply to U4, U6 U8 or U10 however for U4, U6, U8 and U10 the referee will explain the infraction and if necessary has a latitude to ask the coach to remove the offending player or players.

Part 5

In the event that U13 or younger regular season game becomes obviously lopsided. Coaches on the winning team should have adjustments and personnel and tactics to try to equalize the situation. For U10 the above regular season matches the referee will terminate play if the goal differential reaches 10 goals and the record the fact of the game report.

Part 6

For U10 and U13 a direct free kick will be awarded to the opposing team if a player when tackling to gain possession of the ball makes contact with the opponent on a tackle made from outside the peripheral vision the rear 180° of the opponent even if first contact is with the ball.

Part 7

For U4 U6 U8 U10 and U13 an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team if a player when tackling to gain position of the ball makes contact with the opponent on the tackle made from the outside the peripheral vision the rear 180° of the opponent even if the first contact is with the ball.

Part 8

For U4 U6 U8 U10 and U13 an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team when a player slide tackles from outside the peripheral vision the rear 180° of an opponent in control of the ball and no contact is made with either the ball or the player.

Part 9

For U13 if a player leans on the shoulders of another player of his own team in order to head the ball the player shall be cautioned for unsporting sportsmanlike behavior this rule does not apply to U4, U6, U8 or U10 however U4 ,U6 the referees will still explain the infraction and if necessary has the latitude to ask the coach to remove the offending player or players.

Injured Player

- Coaches should advise their players that if they are injured during a game and need assistance to stay down if seriously hurt or to go down on one knee to signal the referee. The referee may or may not stop the game while the ball is in play depending on the referee's assessment of the severity of the injury and whether continued play will jeopardize the injured player or which team has possession of the ball.
- Coaches should instruct their players that if they see a player from other team down on the field what to kick the ball out of play across the touchline sideline resumes the team reported to throw in as a matter of sportsmanship will intentionally throw the ball into the player from the other team and allow him or her to establish possession without hindrance.
- Coaches and parents may not come to the field to assist or treat an injured player unless signaled by the referee to do so if an injured player needs to be tended to on the field the injured player must come off the field and may only re-enter play from the midfield substitution during the game stoppage and with the referees permission.

Blood Rule

Players who are bleeding, have open wounds or have blood on their uniforms or people must leave the game. They may return during a normal substitution provided the bleeding has stopped, all blood has been cleared off and the wound has been covered. Coaches of parents treating players with bleeding or open wound are advised to procure latex gloves (available at the concession stand) and immediately afterwards to wash their hands and other areas exposed to blood or any bodily fluids.

Event of Inclement Weather

- 30/30 rule in the event of a storm the referee will suspend play if 30 seconds or less elapsed between the sighting of lightning flash to the hearing of associated Thunder shall play not be resumed prior to 30 minutes after the first sound of thunder during the stoppage coaches will get their players undercover and keep them there until the referee signals he or she is ready for the game to restart.

- During practices, coaches will follow the 30/30 rule. 30 seconds 30 minutes if the weather becomes inclement.

Uniforms & Equipment

Part 1

Players are required to wear productive shin guards under and fully covered by socks while actively participating in a game scrimmage or practice if a player wants to wear a sock next to the skin and then wear shin guard or a separate sock must be then worn over to cover the shin guards shin guards need to be made of a suitable material and provide reasonable degree of protection.
Part 2

Team members will wear uniforms of matching design and color with on duplicated numbers on the back the goalkeepers jersey must be distinctively different from the jerseys of either team or the referee and does not require a number on it goalkeepers in the same game may wear the same color style jersey teams at their own expense may have players and our coaches names added to the back of the team shirts but all shirts must be done uniformly if the colors of the opposing team are too close to the appearance of the referee to distinguish the designated home team will be required to wear penny’s, available at the concession stand.
Part 3

Cold weather gear such as sweat suits may be worn under the uniform shirt shorts and socks at the referee’s discretion bicycle shorts compression and slash thermos pants worn under the shorts must match the color of the shorts if visible and not extend below the top of the knee.
Part 4

Watches and jewelry including heart items and the hair or yarn bracelets and necklaces may not be worn during games or practices. Earrings and body piercings are not allowed even when taped over. Medical bracelets and necklaces may be worn if taped down.
Part 5

No cast or splints are allowed other than so-called inflated air casts or splints even though covered with self-padding.
Part 6

Knee braces shall not be worn unless wrapped and covered with a soft padding and then approved by the referee.
Part 7

Knee thigh or hip pads containing sole leather fiber material fiber metal or other dangerous materials should not be worn even when covered with soft padding.
Part 8

Ace bandages may be worn even when visible and protruding from the uniform however no metal clips or other hard objects are allowed on or in a ace Ace bandages.

Part 9

Helmets made of hard materials shall not be won however soft headwear such as a knit cap is allowed goalkeepers may wear a soft bill cap or a properly fitted and fastened helmet that is made of foam or other soft material.
Part 10

Face and spectacle guards shall not be worn eyeglasses with or without retaining strap are permitted. Sunglasses are not permitted to be worn during a match or practice. Contact lenses are allowed.
Part 11

Players during games shall not have foreign objects such as gum or ice in their mouth. Players may wear internal orthodontic braces in a game or practice but are encouraged to simultaneously wear protective mouthpieces.
Part 12

Hearing aids are allowed to be worn during games.
Part 13

Players are required to wear shoes during practicing games, flip flops and footwear that does not cover the foot are not allowed. Cleated shoes provide better traction especially on wet surfaces, but non-cleated shoes may be worn. Shoes with metal cleats are not allowed. Shoes with plastic cleats are allowed but individual cleats must be in good condition and not have edges that are sharp or can injure other players. Removable cleats must be the screw in type rather than the screw on variety. Shoes with non-metal toe cleats may be worn. Shoes with zipper type laces are not allowed. Final decision as to safety and wearing of cleated shoes rest with the referee.

Duration of Games

Number of Players

Ball Sizes

- U4 will have 4-5 minute quarters with a maximum of four on the field. Number of players to start will be being two and the ball size of three
- U6 will have 4-10 minute quarters with the maximum players of 6 with three to start and ball size of three
- U8 will have 4-12 minute quarters with a maximum number of six players with needing three to start ball size of three
- U10 will have 2-20 minute halves with a maximum player of 6 on the field 3 to start and a ball size of four  
- U13 will have 2-25 minute halves with a maximum player of seven on the field 4 to start with the ball size of four
- Half times will be 5 minutes U4, U6 and U8 have two-minute breaks between quarters 1 and 2 and 3 and 4
- no overtime periods game remains a tie
- if teams are not ready to play 15 minutes past scheduled time referee will call off the match
- play may be started and or continued if a team fields the minimum number to play start the opposing coach may keep his or her team at full strength on the field or reduced to a lesser number.
- Goalkeeper required for each team except field players only no goalkeeper for U4.

Park Rules

- No alcohol is allowed in the park. Although BGS can have police on site, BGS is not allowed to check cups, however BGS is allowed to check coolers. This is a park rule as well as City of Ball Ground rule. It also voids BGS insurance.
- If there is reason to believe alcohol is on the field, the umpire or a BGS representative will ask the coach to check first, if umpire or BGS representative is pleased we play on. If not, player can be ejected.
- The concession stand has a first aid kit, including ice bags.


Players may substitute only during stoppage of the game by the referee.

Times that substitutions may be made (AB and C do not apply to U4U6 and U8F does not apply to U4 U6
U8 and U10)
A. prior to a throw in only for substitutes for the team from the throw in
B. prior to a goal kick by either team
C. After a goal by either team
D. after an injury on either team when the referee stops play
E. at halftime you 4U6 and U8 may also substitute at end of each quarter
F. after a caution or send off of a player from either team
Part 3 For U10 and U13 substitutes may enter the field only at the midfield substitution box substitutes
must be at the substitution box before the referee stops play to be eligible to enter the field at the next
Part 4 if the goalkeeper is substitute substituted or swapped with another player after play starts the
referee must be notified this is not required for changes at halftime between quarters for 8U.

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