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Adult Kickball

Welcome to Ball Ground Sports, where we make team sports fun for everyone. Our Adult Kickball league is a great way to get active and meet new people. Before you hit the field, make sure you're familiar with the rules.

Registration Opens: May 1, 2024

 Ends: May 24, 2024

Season Begins: June 1, 2024

Ends: July

Player/Team Eligibility

All teams must be registered and confirmed with BGS prior to being placed on schedule. Players are not considered to be registered participants until they have completed the BGS waiver and paid their individual player fees. Fees can be paid online by Venmo, by cash, check or in person on game night. Once a team/player
plays a game they are considered registered with BGS and will not receive a refund.

Player Roster Eligibility 

-Players can only be rostered on 1 team.
- All players must be registered and play a minimum of 3 games in order to be eligible for the tournament. (Last game of season)
- All players must be at least 17 years old to play.
- Once a player has signed up played 1 game, they are considered rostered and cannot play for another team (unless it is as a nomad).


-Each team will be given 2 free Nomad positions, when needed, during regular season games.
- A Nomad is only used to avoid a forfeit or to have 10 players.
- The game using a Nomad(s) is considered an official game.
- The Nomad position may not be used by the same unregistered player more than 2 times. If not, the Nomad will be required to sign-up and pay the individual fee or will not play the third game. The player will then be registered and on that team's roster.
- The Nomad position CANNOT be used during tournament play.
- A waiver must be on file for a Nomad to play.

Game Preliminaries

-All BGS rules apply unless amended below.
- This is a coed league, you must have male and female on your team, would prefer 4 females per team, if this doesn’t happen, play with what you can get.
- Teams can play with 8-10 players in the field.
- Teams are allowed 2 Designated Kicker spots to bat up to 12 players. The (DK)’s may be added after the game starts, but only in the 1st inning and before the spot(s) kicks.
- No more than 3 males may kick in a row.
- Teams may play with 8 players to avoid a forfeit. The 9th and 10th player may be added when they arrive.
- Injured runners can be replaced with another team member making the last out, with
approval from umpire. Male for male, female for female.

Length of games/Forfeit

-Games are 7 innings or 50 minutes, unless the run rule comes into effect. In case of inclement weather, a game is considered to be a complete game when 5 innings have been completed.
- If there is a 12-run differential after 5 innings, the game will be called. If the visiting team has a 16+ point lead after 4 innings, the umpire has the discretion to “flip” the game and keep the home team hitting. They are now the visitors.
- There is a maximum of 10 runs per inning allowed, except in the last inning, when it is unlimited.
- The game clock will be 5 minutes after the original scheduled starting time. Teams will then have 10 additional minutes to field a team before a forfeit.


60-65 feet between bases
- There will be a safety base for runners to touch
at 1 st base, defenders must use 1 st base to make
the play.
- Line from 1 st to 3 rd that fielders must be behind.


-Pitching must be underhand only.
- Pitches cannot bounce higher than 1 ft (ground to bottom of ball) as it crosses the plate.
- Pitchers must stay in contact or behind the 1 st to
3 rd line until the ball is kicked or a ball will be called.
- No spin or curved pitches allowed.
- Strike zone is 1 foot either side of home plate.
- The kicker has the right to kick any pitched ball.


-Balls 10” official WAKA Kickball
- BGS will supply the kickballs.
- NO Metal Cleats!
- Players will be allowed to change.


-Kickers come to the plate with 1 ball and 1 strike.
- Kickers have an extra foul.

-All kicks must be made below the knee. A ball touched by any other body part will be
considered foul.
- All kicks must be taken behind the front line of the strike zone or will be considered a strike.
- Kickers may not stop the ball and then kick it.
- Bunting – when bunting, the kicker must kick the ball past the 25ft line for it to be a fair ball.
- Any ball that does NOT pass the 25ft, and is not touched by the fielder is considered a dead ball and a strike.
- Any player has the choice to field the ball and throw the runner out, no matter the distance of the kick. Once the ball is touched by the kicker or the fielder the ball is considered live.


No Stealing.


- When any kicked ball (foul or fair) is caught.
- Count of 3 strikes or 2 strikes and 2 fouls (1 and 1 to start).
- A runner touched by any ball while not on base (a thrown ball must be below the shoulders and above the knees, unless the runner ducks, slides, etc.)
- A runner leading off the base when a ball is kicked, maybe called out.
- When a fielder maintains control of the ball while touching the base. Force out (cannot hit the base with the ball for an out.)


- While your team is batting, only the current batter, and the next batter are allowed outside your dugout, the team must be in the dugout or outside the fence. 1st and 3rd coaches must be in their designated area.


- All fielders must start even with or behind the pitcher.
- There must be 4 fielders in the outfield grass.
- Catcher must stay 3 ft behind the kicker until the ball is pitched.
- Team captains are responsible for line ups, innings, and scores, on the score sheet. -----Must be legible and first and last names. BGS may maintain this.
- If teams are tied in the standings, winner will be determined by head-to-head competition, wheel barrel race from 1st to 2nd .

Park Rules

- No alcohol is allowed in the park. Although BGS can have police on site, BGS is not allowed to check cups, however BGS is allowed to check coolers. This is a park rule as well as City of Ball Ground rule. It also voids BGS insurance.
- If there is reason to believe alcohol is on the field, the umpire or a BGS representative will ask the coach to check first, if umpire or BGS representative is please we play on, if not player can be ejected.
- The concession stand has a first aid kit, including ice bags.

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